Governance, Portfolio, Programme Product and Project Management

Listen and Understand

Before anything else - we have to listen.

Where is your pain, and what is the pain, and how painful is it?

What do you believe are the causes?

We have heard many cases, so our analysis will be quick and to the point. As externals - we have no vested interest and will (tactfully!) call what we see.

We may not be able to help, and we may stop there.

If we both think we can help, we have to then understand your current state in the areas of people, process, technology, organisation and governance. If you have analysis - we can absorb it - but a little work may be required to gain consensus on issues with relevant stakeholders.

How much work? Enough to understand, and be credible, and gain trust. We can always analyse more, but it's disappointing to conclude you might have analysed less.

We may offer some quick wins, but our objective "First" is to know where we are, exactly what the problem is, and what expectations of a solution are.