Governance, Portfolio, Programme Product and Project Management


Business Integrated Governance is focused on the governance, the dashboards and reports needed, and therefore the data underpinning it. You may already have diverse technology solutions, but just need the essential governance data pulled together?

Our experts can understand your current data framework and Business Intelligence strategies, map out what you have where and provide a BIG data / integration solution. We do not espouse large system implementation or integrations – we believe that we should allow tools / methods of choice to be used on the proviso that we can pull governance data together – and from spreadsheets if necessary.

We can work with your existing suppliers, provide expertise, and engage our data and integration partners to arrive at a technology solution that meets your BIG needs.

That said - we are currently working with people to create Core P3M Data Model PoCs (for a number of technology scenarios) which have:

- a standard data model to aggregate your P3M (and related) data around

- a COTS integration tool - to enable you to link your existing data sources to the data model via configuration not customisation

- ability to configure loading of enterprise reference data / my specific coding schemes etc.

- standard reports - orientated around the MI definitions in the Core P3M Data Club outputs.

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