Governance, Portfolio, Programme Product and Project Management

Meeting Quality Key to Businesses

Most portfolio, programme and project busienss is done through meetings. For example:

 - Translate strategy into delivery

 - Prioritise and allocate resources

 - Oversee performance and deal with issues

 - Workshop scope, issues, risks, communications etc.

 - Negotiate withh customers and suppliers

As less of our busienss is done face to face, how do we deploy the charm and scan for reaction like we used to? Well - we can't.

We might have all the data in the world - but if we are too busy coping with the consequences of denial of poor relationships - our outputs, decision making and negotiation successes will diminish.

Much of the success of our busineses is built through the networks and relationships of our staff, and ok, we all have the occasional bad meeting - but what if - over time - those meetings are starting to affect the mood and sentiment of the teams? What if we are not picking up on the gap between conficence and projection? What if the relationship quality is measurably decaying? What if we don't sense that because we are on the end of telephones and video calls? We know broken relationships are not easy to recover.

You can do something about it.

Track your Meeting Quality

Spending 45 seconds post key meetings will enable you to draw so many inferences from how the dynamic is going, support people in dealing with issues and coach team leaders to enable people to work more enjoyably together.

We dont have to let some teams become nightmares to have to engage on!