Governance, Portfolio, Programme Product and Project Management

BIG People

The Core P3M Data Club has 300+ members and it is still growing. The fundamental material it created was worked on or reviewed or advised by 70+ people.

Within this group, some relationships formed between people who want to help organisations adapt and adopt the Core P3M Data Model and its related Business Integrated Governance Model. Within this group there are company chairmen, directors, portfolio management consultants, management consultants, people specialists, Project / Programme Management consultants, transformation / change consultants, trainers, solution architects and developers. Between us we can diagnose issues, condense opportunities, shape vision, build business cases and roadmaps, run engagements, consult on governance design, adapt existing toolsets / good practice, select toolsets, build / integrate technology solutions, set up support functions, mentor / guide.

Most of all, we enable our clients to connect from strategy to delivery and back again, devise effective and efficient governance / operating models, achieve measurable business agility and deliver more and better outcomes in harmony with business operation.

We are all happy to work on a joined up programme to deliver change / benefits / objective realisation, to provide specialist support in our areas of expertise or coach / mentor your people.

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