Governance, Portfolio, Programme Product and Project Management


The "BIG Framework" has emerged via collaboration between several highly respected independent consultants, practitioners and vendors. It is based on the knowledge emerging from the Core P3M Data Club. It provides guidance to enable an organisation to exploit the Core P3M Data Club outputs in a systematic way.

Initially the BIG Framework has focused on portfolio, programme and project management topics. This content has been inspired by numerous publications from the APM, PMI, Axelos, Praxis and Scaled Agile Inc. The first version of Core P3M Data Model was derived by reverse engineering the documents and reports referred to in the Praxis Framework.

Latterly, the Core P3M Data Club has drafted sections for Product Management, Innovation and Business Agility enablement.

 - The product management draft is being supported by the UK Association of Product Management (A-PM), the Association of International Product Marketing & Management and is based on the Product Management Body of Knowledge.

 - The work in Business Agility enablement makes reference to the work of the Business Agility Institute and provides an alignment of the BIG Framework to core principles provided in Domains of Business Agility.

The BIG Framework doesn't in any way attempt to provide fundamental knowledge provided in each of these areas of expertise. It instead offers an approach to ensuring methods, tools and lifecycles needed for business work coherently to support sensible decision making.

The Core P3M Data Club remains a voluntary organisation providing its outputs free to the public domain and works in collaboration with Praxis to provide a version of its (evolving) works through that free source.