Governance, Portfolio, Programme Product and Project Management

We go to work

Depending on the scope - we form a project or a programme.

We make sure we have clear governance and engaged stakeholders.

We use whatever methods and tools we need to. If you have none, we use ours.

We are agile where we need to be, we are waterfall where we need to be. We can be “quick and dirty” – that’s not professional, but we are all consenting adults…

We prepare people process, technology, organisation, and governance elements for our change.

In addition to the obvious "shop window" elements like (possible) people training, process clean up, PMO set up / invigoration, and technology - we also have to prepare for sustainment - and not as a 'back end' activity.

We prepare and execute transformation, adoption and benefit realisation so our change is manageable, 'sticky' and of course gives us payback.

Inevitably - we will have seen our transformation as a number of steps, and there will be future steps that emerge as necessary during our transformation. Next step? 'Care'.