Governance, Portfolio, Programme Product and Project Management

Vision and Strategy

We have to think enough so that our first steps will take us down the right pathway, but not too much to tie ourselves in knots.

We enter the Tardis, and jump to the future, emerge, then describe what we see once we've made the improvements necessary.

What are our governance arrangements? What information is needed? What’s the process / cycle we work with? What are the capabilities of our people? What support is needed to enable this operation? How do we exploit technology to make this as simple as possible?

We may not be able to be sure of everything. We may leave some boxes in the diagram empty and many will change. Can we mentally cope with that lack of perfect definition and uncertainty - some can, some cannot?

Having related this image to the current state we drew - what are the change implications? What is desirable, achievable, and sustainable?

What is it sensible to do first, and can we make a case to do that - in the context of the whole journey? We know that once the journey starts the vision may change.

Perhaps we can progress to 'Then '.