Governance, Portfolio, Programme Product and Project Management


David Dunning is the founder of Chase Management Services, and the Co Founder of CPS.

David is an APMG registered consultant for Portfolio, Programme and Project Management, Organisational Change Management and IT Governance and Service Management. This means he's submitted a portfolio of work, had colleagues and customers carry out a full 360 of his professionalism, gained accreditations, submitted a CV, made presentation and had full interview. The process is rigorous and not just a badge.

He has over 20 years experience in implementing portfolio, programme and project management ecosystems - and a contact list to match. He personally provides:

Director level advice and guidance, critical friendship in portfolio, programme and project management, and support for small professional services companies looking to get larger.

Current State Assessment - for organisations that are not happy with their portfolio, programme and project management ecosystem - David can explain it, diagnose issues and help prioritise remedy.

Vision Development - related to Current State - He can help an organisation put the building blocks of a 'new order' into a clear picture and work out what needs to be done first and subsequently.

Consulting services - to in effect set up PMO to provide governance, process standards to enable improvement in performance and project outcomes.

Technology introduction - whatever tooling - David knows how to fit tools into organisations. Microsoft especially - EPM - Install, train job done?

Change Management - no one gets this right as everyone underestimates their current level of capability and the ease of getting change to happen. David can bring what's needed into focus and deliver it through the client organisation - as a leader or a critical friend.

Assurance - during improvement and through into initial operation - David can provide independent review of progress and direction supporting effective decision making and risk management.
Ongoing advisory - such changes are often a journey rather than one trip....

David also has specialty interests in portfolio management, governance operation, and innovation management. 

David also comes with a network of partner companies and trusted associates to provide technical assistance up to director level advice and assurance. He has associates in portfolio management, PMO, planning, change management, Project Online, and Microsoft Technology Solutions

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