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News - Governance as a PMO

David Dunning presented the APM PMOSIG Webinar in September 2021

Title: Governance as a PMO - I just need to do what each programme board asks me, right?

Projects and programmes can (or maybe should?) be very focused seeing only their needs. How do we avoid possible inefficiency of parochialism to enable organisationally aligned, effective decision-making?

APM PMOSIG Summary page here

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PMOSIG Webinar

NEWS - APM Governance and Assurance Conference

David Dunning presented at the Project ring of confidence - Data driven governance and assurance conference.

Title: Business Integrated Governance - Chocolate chip on top, or baked through the cake?

Many organisations understand governance, assurance & data independently, but make assumptions ‘these just happen’. We often just sprinkle them on top of our organisation and assume that ‘good’ runs all through the organisation.

We may have good intentions at the ‘top of the shop’ by setting great strategies but are often disappointed when change delivery doesn’t match the goals, & often find out too late.

Poor accountability, infrastructure & limited capability to paint a believable picture are all symptoms of the problem.

So time to change the game, think BIG?

The Core P3M Data Club created the BIG model to transform governance, accountability, assurance & information throughout the organisation, delivering strategic alignment, effectiveness, efficiency by utilising the existing systems & tools. David explained why we developed BIG, how it integrates governance, assurance & an organisation Data model to ensure decisions are made rapidly, by the right people and with confidence and control.

Slides available here

Best session attended during the day: - "David Dunning. Why? Every thing he outlined had a synergy with me. He covered all the issues I encounter and the solutions where spot on."

Position your PMO to better support your COO webinar

How can a PMO manoeuvre, mature and qualify to become the business support function needed to enable Business Integrated (P3M) Governance for the business directors?

Link to APM Webinar here.


Innovation within the Transfromation Programme

Introduction to the presentation provided March 2019 for the APM Programme Management SIG

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Enterprise Project Management - Install, train job done?

Resource Management - what do I need to know?

Link to a blog posted  on the APM website

Resource Management - what do I need to know? 

Resource management? I've got Excel and half a day a week. What else do I need?

There is a perception in some quarters that resource management is either what you do in SAP or is what line managers do in Excel to keep track of what their folks are up to – that it is either ‘local’ or ‘macro’ – but the two perspectives are too difficult to join together. Link to blog and slides below.

Link to blog and slides

What Use is my PMO for Innovation Management?

A P3O? Whats wrong with my PMO?

Portfolio Management I

Getting it on the agenda - Link to APM Blog

Meaningful Agenda 

Portfolio Management II

What's missing from management of portfolios? - Link to APM Blog

Whats missing? 

Portfolio Management III

The strangest of bedfellows: earned value and portfolio management? - Link to APM Blog

Strangest of Bedfellows 


Portfolio Management IV

Portfolio Management V

Pragmatic Portfolio Management - Link to APM Slides presented by David and Martin Samphire

Pragmatic portfolio management 

Portfolio Management VI

Holistic Portfolio Management

Link to APM Blog - 5 posts in a spoof series suggesting there was more to portfolio management than one thing or the other

Now what was I saying about being holistic  

The Enterprise Project Management Organisation

This one is ancient - but we have been around for a while!



Can You Do Something “PxO / Corporate” in Your Spare Time?