Governance, Portfolio, Programme Product and Project Management


Each organisation has to establish its own opportunities and threats and understand if there are any related imperatives or organisational goals that a BIG Solution can support.

Hence objectives can be defined, but where there is uncertainty, an innovation challenge can be set to explore current state and vision possibilities. We can support proof of concept or pilot adoptions to enable benefit forecast and business case (discussed further in First Steps).

Without a BIG framework?

Our current portfolio, programme and project governance may be more expensive to run and less effective than it could be. It may be dis-integrated from Financial Operations and how Management Teams sponsor projects, manage resources, adopt change and deliver benefits.

This will impede our business agility meaning we work on the wrong things for too long and take on the right things too slowly. Accountability will be more opaque than necessary, and our overall our strategy outcomes may be less than we plan for.

With a BIG framework?

We can expect

- greater efficiency and effectiveness of oversight and delivery,

- more confidence in outputs / outcomes / benefits,

- greater agility to respond to changing environment / opportunities / threats, and

- greater strategy attainment from clear accountability and resources / finances being allocated to the most important items.