Governance, Portfolio, Programme Product and Project Management

Core P3M Data Club Introduction

The Core P3M Data Club was formed November 2018 and has delivered a Core Governance and Data Model for Portfolio, Programme and Project Management (P3M), with extensions for Main Board, Finance, Management Teams and Product Management.

The Club was formed to create a data standard for portfolio, programme and project management to enable delivery of business integrated governance more effectively across Business as Usual AND Change.

It has done this by brainstorming a realistic organisation and governance model and using the standards from a respected P3M Framework (Praxis) on which to base MI assumptions underpinning the data model. We refer to these collective outputs as the Business Integrated Governance Model (BIG for short).

It means our journey from Main Board Objectives, Targets and Challenges can be delivered through portfolios, programmes and projects in the context of finance, management teams, support and assurance more easily and effectively. This will deliver more strategy outcomes, greater business agility, lower management overhead and efficiency benefits.

The team is proud to be volunteer based and it delivers to the public domain. To date, 70+ people (client organisations, tool vendors, data specialists, consultants) have been personally recognised for contribution to leadership, development or review of the materials (compared to 24 contributors on a recent industry publication).

The Club Website can be accessed here

Praxis Framework

The teams at Praxis Framework and the Core P3M Data Club have been working together on an initial publication of the Business Integrated Governance model.

The aim of this model is to integrate project, programme and portfolio governance with strategic and tactical Business as Usual Governance. This is an on-going project that will develop the model incrementally.

Anyone can contribute by commenting on the Praxis web site pages or joining the Core P3M Data Club. The model comprises five levels as shown left:

The Praxis Pages can be accessed here:

Praxis home page

Further resources:

Join the club (FoC)

We made a short video which explained our original drivers in 5 minutes in a Major Project Association Interview.

Club YouTube site for an introduction video

More background slides here.